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It’s amazing the amount of work I used to do for fun but took so seriously. I miss the good old days of creative freedom.


Exhausted!!!Spent the whole day at the real estate agency today. Instead of driving to view the apartments, we were looking at places with google street view! How convenient?! Street view must have really changed the way real estate agents work these days. We managed to narrow down our options and will be going to view the real thing this weekend. Ah! places in the prime areas, near my workplace, are really small and bigger places are really far. There is a place that i kinda like, it’s really far and HUGE.. like 4 times my current place. I would be able to have a proper workspace and do some real work finally! but it’s so far out! what should i do!? I guess I can’t expect to find a place that suits my needs 100%. Plus they are all really really expensive by the way. It’s common for the people here but for me it’s ridiculous to have to pay 6 mths of rent in order to move in!? and more than half of it is key money to thank the landlord!? omg this is crazy…!!!

Drawing 01

This is from a series of drawings I did a while back.

I get by with the help of my friends

I am really excited as I am going to look for a new apartment tomorrow! The contract for my current place is due next month and I have to move out by then! It’s a mad rush and I am really panicking but I feel much better after talking to my boss today. He has offered to help me with renting a new place and that is really a relieve! Finally! I feel more confident about moving out now. I didn’t realise that I have been staying here for 4 years now. Despite all the unwelcome guest (burglar, mouse, slugs, moths, huge flies, spiders…etc) I am quite emotionally attached to this place as I have spent lots of good and not so good times here… Sad to leave but I guess it’s time to move on? Hope I’d be able to find an ideal place tomorrow. wish me luck!

Abbey Road

Ever since the beginning of this year, we have been listening to the Beatles radio station in the office. It is basically just an auto-replay of Beatles songs throughout the day. It’s so drilled into my brain that I can even hear it now as I am typing. So with Beatles songs running in our head 24/7 we decided to visit Abbey road when we were in London. I was glad we made it there. At the station, there is a Beatles coffee shop with Beatles souvenirs on sale. A few blocks down and you can see this pedestrian crossing with lots of pedestrians walking to and fro and impatient drivers stopping for people to cross. If you look closer, you’d realise that everyone is crossing just to get their picture taken by a friend on the opposite side of the road. Across the road is Abbey Road studios surrounded with walls that are beautifully covered with messages by Beatles fans from all over the world. I think the walls are really cool as they are constantly evolving with new messages from visitors. I also managed to take a quick shot of my coworkers hopping across Abbey road.


Gleepets are a group of talented animals that has left the circus to pursue their dreams. The first generation of gleepets was launched in Spring 2009. Gleepets merchandises include hugging pillows, seat cushions, blankets, floor mats and the latest edition are these multipurpose pouches. These pouches would be available in Accent Style this summer.


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