flee with glee


Have been back for less than 3 days and I am flying off again tomorrow. I am supposed to get up in 3 hours’ time and I wonder if I should sleep at all. Too sleepy to think at the moment…

The pictures above were taken at the end of the photo shoot yesterday. I just couldn’t resist having the sky as my backdrop…
ok, I think I need to sleep. Hope I won’t miss my flight tomorrow!!

photo shoot day

Hello! Got back just in time for our summer catalogue photo shoot! Things went pretty well today and we managed to finish all the cuts earlier than we expected. Here’s a sneak preview. Will update more pictures after catalogue is printed!

photo shoot

away for a while

WOW! I have been really really busy. It’s unbelievable! Will be catching a morning flight back to SG tomorrow and I am still awake at this hour! My house is still unpacked and I really have no idea how to start. After returning from SG, I will be having a photo shoot the following day for our summer catalogue at Apollo studio located at Meguro. After that I will be flying back to SG for a meeting with one of our clients. And I am due to move out of my apartment immediately after my return. I really do not know if it is a feasible plan but I guess I just got to make it work. Wish me luck!

Made in Japan

This is our first made in Japan product – Bento boxes. We were very impressed with the quality when we saw the initial samples. The plastic has got the right amount of shine and the colors turned out exactly like how I wanted. This is the first time ever that we were so pleased with the samples of new products. Now I truly understand the goodness of made in Japan products. Thanks to all the craftsman who are working hard to keep their craft alive.

moving out & on

After 4 years, it’s about time to move on but I am really attached to this place. I think I will miss being close to 女子美 (joshibi)- my old school where I had a splendid time weaving, printing fabrics and making funny things in fiber art classes. I will definitely miss koenji as well! Anyway, I guess moving to a bigger place would mean more space for personal projects and I should be happy! Was this close to moving into a pink house but it is made of wood and too cold indoors so I gave it a pass. I kinda like it still though…

Gift show

marine pets

Last week we exhibited at the 69th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2010 in Tokyo Big Site. Marine gleepets were launched for the first time and I got some good feedbacks from our sales people. Gift show is one of the biggest trade shows for gifts, zakka, lifestyle products…etc. We exhibit in a few trade shows every year but this is my first time exhibiting in Gift show. It has always been one of the more interesting trade shows to visit and I am glad to be part of it this year.


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