Are e-MOOK catalogues available outside of Japan? I got this copy of marc by marc jacobs summer catalogue a few weeks back. I have always wanted to talk about these e-MOOK catalogues cause they are so well-made and reasonably priced. They usually come in a set with a free gift that is made in relation to the season’s theme. This marc jacobs catalogue came with a towel, pouch and a mirror created with prints inspired by the latest collection. How amazing, the amount of effort put into a free gift. In a way, I guess you are paying for it as the catalogue is more expensive than a regular magazine but the gifts do add value and make you want to get a copy before it runs out.

sayama sunday

picnic and bookmaking session

We had a lovely picnic at Takejima’s last sunday followed by a brief workshop on basic bookmaking techniques. It was our first official meeting for our group exhibition and my first time meeting some of the exhibitors. We will be exhibiting drawings mainly and making ‘zines’ by hand for people who’d like to keep a piece of our work. There will be an opening party on the first day and also bookmaking workshops during the exhibition. It is a real pity that I will not be in Japan during that time! Hopefully I’d be able to catch a glimpse of it virtually!


Back from Shanghai! It was a pretty interesting trip as we were there to check the samples of our new product- ‘room wear’ which is a new line of t-shirts made for wearing at home. We went to the apparel manufacturer that we are working with for the first time and it was an eye-opener. Unlike the zakka/home furnishing manufacturers that we have been working with, this apparel manufacturer seems to be a lot more meticulous and organized. It made us realize that we have a lot to learn if we want to get into making apparels. We are really looking forward to seeing the final products that will be in stores this summer! If it goes well, we might create a full collection for autumn/winter collection this year.

In our free time, we went around taking pictures..

All in all, I would say it was a great trip. It was the first time for our company to send 2 girls to china on a business trip. It was also our first time taking business class and we really enjoyed going to the VIP lounge, not having to queue to board the plane, having a full course meal on the plane and playing with the huge declining seat with massage functions.

summer collection

Our summer catalog is out and these are the pictures we took for glee marine pets series. I must say the watercolor tight from American Apparel really helped bring out the look and feel I wanted to create for the season.

Right now I am busy working on our AW collection and I might be creating a completely new series altogether. Will keep you updated when it’s finalized! Meanwhile, I am headed for Shanghai tomorrow to visit some factories and check samples. Will not be around again for a week!
Have a good week ahead everyone!


I will be exhibiting in a group exhibition(5 people) curated by Kojima in April. I am pretty excited about it cause it has been a long while since I’ve exhibited my personal works. We will be exhibiting drawings based on a common theme and will also be making handmade books/zines out of our drawings. As the gallery is located in Harajuku, above a gothic boutique, we were told (by the gallery owner) that making handmade merchandises might be a good way to attract crowd.

For the DM, kojima came up with the concept and we were supposed to submit drawings to her according to the concept so that she can compose the DM. I totally misinterpreted it and it was not until my 3rd attempt that I got it right.

1st attempt

2nd attempt

3rd attempt

new home

I have finally settled into my new place and I am starting to really like it! Although moving out of koenji was really hard, it was really the right move! I feel like I have finally graduated from school or something. I have been living like a mouse in a tiny space. Feels good to have more room!

Yesterday Meiyi and our taiwanese juniors from our scholarship came to visit me at my neighborhood and we went to a pretty nice cafe/bakershop for coffee. There are lots of cafes and zakka shop here that I ought to discover.

I still have some boxes to unpack and probably will have to buy some new furniture. Will do up the place slowly!


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