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Have been really busy preparing for our Ikimononouta group exhibition that will be held in lovelies lab. starting this friday (23 apr.). Unfortunately, I won’t be around as I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong tomorrow for 2 weeks! For those who are in town, please drop by and say hi to the other exhibitors. I might get a live telecast from kojima of the opening party via skype. Looking forward to that!

I am actually going to hong kong to exhibit the latest glee products in the Hong Kong gifts & premium fair. It’s crazy to have 2 exhibitions happening concurrently and of totally different stuff. Frankly, I’d rather hang around for the group exhibition!

Anyways, I’ll only be back in Tokyo 2 weeks later. Will still try to post from HK!

Have a nice midweek everyone!


I went to Kobayashi sensei’s exhibition at the Megumi ogita gallery in Ginza today. It has been 2 years since we met. She used to teach in the Pottery studio in Shin-koenji(where I used to go to make my clay stuff). I must say I was really happy and impressed to see her new works. She is a really strong and inspiring woman! The exhibition is on till 24 April 2010.


Even though everyone seems to be against this, I have been thinking about keeping a pet for a while now. I am daydreaming of the day that I will find my holland lop in light grey. I really need a warm furry friend to come home to!

bean bag chair

Our animal bean bag chair samples have finally arrived. They turned out quite different from how I’d imagined them to be. Products like these with complicated sewing patterns usually don’t come out the way you want them. That being said, I am glad that they are sturdy enough to sit on without changing the shape of the animals. These bean bag chairs will also be shown in the Hong Kong premium & gift show in late April.


Have been really busy preparing for the upcoming exhibition and updating my website. I have finally updated the works page but I still have lots of images that are not up yet. Guess I will have to keep working on it.

I got myself a new bike for commuting to work. Unfortunately, I fell off the bike on the first day of commuting. I shall not give up! I am really enjoying the freedom of not having to squeeze in the train during rush hours.

Also, I went to KOC gig on my own last week and it was a great gig except that the crowd was a little quiet and Erlend got really pissed at one point with the audience for not singing along.

portable glee

Sakuras are fully bloomed and possibly leaving us soon. They are really beautiful and I just hope they’d last a little longer. The weather hasn’t been great but the sky is finally blue again today!yay! It has been really cold and I think these new glee blankets are great for this season. Easy to carry around and definitely a good item to have for Ohanami! These blankets will be making their debut in HK gifts & premium fair this April.

Sakuras please hang in for one more weekend!!!!


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