Tie dye

There are some interesting tie dye pieces in the market this season and one of the designers that I’ve been interested in lately is Rika at opening ceremony. Tie dye fabric is raw and the results are unexpected, making every piece unique as it is made out of different parts of the fabric. Seeing all these hand dyed fabric has reminded me that I use to like doing Shiborizome and brush dyeing when I was in school. So I was motivated me to put what I have learnt into good use…

Tie dye/shibori

brush dyeing

dip dyeing

I am a pretty picky consumer actually. I am always stuck in situations like : I wish they had this in this color, I wish they had mint green instead of lime green…or pink instead of orange…etc. I can never find the perfect item and when I do, they are often way past my budget. So I guess dyeing my own simple tank tops in colors I like would be a solution for me right now.

peng chau

These are some of the pictures I took in Peng Chau, Hong Kong. Peng Chau is a small island located near Lantau Island. In the heart of the island was a stretch of shophouses that looked very much like those in chinatown back in the 80’s. There were shops selling old toys, bone china and traditional handmade chinese pastries. Above these shops where laundries hanging out from the neighboring apartments. Cantonese opera was being played in the background constantly which made the experience even more authentic. We had lunch on a terrace at a thai restaurant, did a bit of hiking and a took a short nap at the park under the hot afternoon sun. A perfect way to spend the lazy sunday.



The weather forecast said that it is going to rain tomorrow so I decided that I had to get out of the house today! Thanks to Iphone I was able to cycle to Nikotama from my house without getting lost. It was quite a cloudy day but the air by the river was cool and fresh. It is nice that there is such a tranquil escape with vast green fields in busy Tokyo. I really enjoyed cycling around alone with no rush today. It has been a while since I had time to do stuff like that.



Last month, we exhibited at the Hong Kong gifts & premium fair. It was our second time exhibiting in Hong Kong and the the response was pretty good. We had many enquiries from Europe, United states and Asia. It was tiring standing for 8 hrs a day and 4 days in a row but it was all worth it as the feedbacks from the customers were really encouraging. Some of the more popular products from the ‘Gleepets’ collection were the blanket set, kira kira croco and the bean bag chairs. One hour before the exhibition ended, we started selling our samples and the crowd went crazy! People were all over our booth and fighting for the products as we only had one piece of each item. It was like a bargain sale except that we were selling them at the actual retail price. The products were almost sold out within the first 10 mins.

先月香港のHong Kong gifts & premium fairっていう展示会に展示しに行ってきました。香港に展示するのは2回目です。今回は結構好評でした!色んな国(ヨーロッパ、アメリカ、アジアなど)の方からお問い合わせをいただきました。4日間連続で毎日8時間ほどずっと立ってて、ちょっと大変だったけど、色んな人と話したり、意見を聞いたりして、とても面白くていい勉強になりました。今回の展示会で、グリーペッツの中に人気あった商品は、ブランケットセットとキラキラクロコくんとビーズチェアさんでした。最終日に展示品を売ることになって、閉場時間より一時間前から売り始めましたが、スタートした瞬間に大勢の客がブースにが詰め掛けました。通常販売価格だったのに、セール見たいにたくさん買っていただきました。10分後にほとんどの商品が完売になりました。本当に良かったです!

gleepets cushions

gleepets bedroom series – pillow and comforter case

sheep blanket set

kira kira croco

last hour sale

I ♥ sham shui po

In my last trip to Hong Kong, we visited Shum Shui Po to look for some new fabric that we can use for our next collection. Sham Shui Po is a wholesale town for different things such as electronic devices, clothes, textile and accessories shops. We went crazy the minute we arrived at the first textile shop as the fabric selection was amazing and they had free fabric swatches displayed everywhere. We took out our huge bags and started collecting swatches. I have been to the textile wholesalers in Shanghai and it is nothing like shum sui po. I was so impressed at how current the designs were! Besides fabrics, there were also lots of other materials such as buttons, ribbons, handbag straps, feathers…etc almost anything you can think of. And they are all so cheap! Imagine the kind of things you can create if you live near Shum Shui Po. Would be a good reason to move to HK.



Seems like there are some Japanese friends/readers who have been using translation sites to view my blog. I visited one of the sites and was quite amazed at how the translation in Japanese totally didn’t make sense. So I have decided to post in Japanese as well from now on. It would be tough to translate the english content word for word as it would come of real weird in Japanese sometimes. Will try to maintain the gist of post in simple Japanese.



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