The longest journey

Our 2nd day in Hawaii was spent in Kualoa Ranch and it was probably the best thing we did in this trip. It felt like we were in a movie, on a hard and long journey to get to somewhere really far away but in fact we were just going around the ranch. This was how our journey began…


First we went on a rusty bus and visited the sites where Jurassic Park, Pearl Habour, Godzilla, Lost…etc were filmed.




Then we got off the bus and carried on our journey on a buggy. We rode up rocky mountains and had our face covered in dirt. The rough buggy ride was so fun and exciting we were considering making it our new hobby…



Then we went on a boat and sailed out to surrounding islands.


Terra admiring the sight of China man’s hat island.


After the boat ride, we went on a jeep and travelled into the jungle at high speed. The ride was extremely fast and bumpy and at this point we were feeling a bit sick.



Last but not least, we got on our horses and travelled into the woods and up the mountains. That for me was the best ride of the day.




We finally completed the longest journey ever to nowhere. And after all that traveling, we had to hop on the car to go back to our Hotel which was an hour away but it was all worth it!

North shore and more






We visit North shore (Oahu) every year and this year was no exception. Tried snorkeling but there were hardly any fishes. The waves were huge and perfect for surfing though. These pictures were taken with olympus pen and the sky was really that blue. We also visited Dole pineapple plantation on the same day where we had pineapple ice-cream with pineapple topping and pineapple juice float with pineapple flavored soft cream!! Pineapple overdose!


We are back! Feels like I have been away for a long time. Hawaii was amazing and the weather was PERFECT. I have grown to like Hawaii more with every visit. Rich electric blue skies and the breathtaking landscapes… It felt like a real holiday away from reality. Will be posting more pictures soon!

Off to Hawaii!

It’s the time of the year again when my company goes for a retreat in Hawaii. The men would play golf almost every day and the girls can do whatever they like which usually includes one sporty activity, romi romi hawaiian massage and SHOPPING! This is my 3rd time in Hawaii and this time, there is a new rule stating that we have to bring our products and come back with a photo journal featuring them in Hawaii. It took me a long time to decide which gleepet to bring cause honestly, I never really thought of them as that kind of characters that you bring around and take pictures of…. Anyways, a rule is a rule and as the creator of gleepets, I guess I should be responsible for giving them some limelight as well. While thinking of which gleepet to bring, I suddenly had a vision of a tortoise in a straw hat strolling down the beach. So I instantly made a straw hat in the right size and put it on TERRA. I think it suits him well. Will come back next week with the ‘Adventures of TERRA’. See you when I get back!

ikimononouta report

Finally got hold of these pictures from our ‘ikimononouta‘ group exhibition that was held in Lovelies Lab., Harajuku (23-29 April 2010). It was a pity I couldn’t be there myself but looking at the pictures, I am really happy with the way it turned out. This gallery doesn’t usually do shows like ours and I must applaud the fellow exhibitors for creating such a nice ambience for our works. One of the feedbacks I got was that my works were popular amongst kids as they were the only ones who dared to touch and play with them. All in all, we are really pleased with the outcome. A big THANK YOU to everyone for visiting!!

Ikimononouta consists of a group of illustrators/designers – fabrica, naomi, yuko, ayako and myself. After this exhibition, we’ve decided to carry on the ikimononouta spirt and continue working on projects as such together. Please check out our website for updates on upcoming events/projects. (Sorry it is only available in Japanese at the moment!)

Wall stickers

Marine gleepets wall stickers are available in stores now and this is how the stairway outside our Daikanyama store looks like at the moment. Summer is approaching and it’d be fun to decorate your walls with these Marine gleepets from the circus!



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