See you later!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer has been down for a few weeks now. And I am going on a plane soon to a faraway place. See you when I get back!

In stores now



Marine Gleepets started selling in Japan this summer and it is a pleasant surprise for me to find them in major stores like Loft and Tokyu Hands. Stores like these are usually very strict when it comes to product selection and I am glad that we finally made it after 2 years of trying to create consumer-friendly household products for the local market. Hope we would be hanging around for a while…

Shum shui po here I come again

Flying off to Hong Kong in a few hours’ time for a very short trip to Shum Shui Po to search for new fabrics for our next collection. Sorry I haven’t been updating much lately. Thanks for checking on me. I will try to update more often when I get back. Have a good week everyone!


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