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This gleePEEPS blanket is part of our 2010 autumn & winter collection. Something colorful and cheerful to keep you warm this fall. Summer felt very long this year but after a few days of rain last week, autumn has finally arrived in Tokyo. The sun starts to set at around 4pm and it can get quite gloomy. Hope gleePEEPS can help get rid of the gloominess this season.

glee PEEPS
We did a photoshoot sometime back for our fall catalogue. The theme for this shoot was Mexican. You might not be able to see the details but much work was put into the styling of the Mexican model. The initial gleePEEPS samples were used as props which was probably not a good idea as the final samples look quite different.

This print is available in 2 colors.


They are currently available for sale in selected stores in Japan.



gleePEEPS plushies!! They can stand upright just like the original kokeshi dolls! It took me 2 seasons to finally get this right. My first batch of gleePEEPS didn’t turn out the way I wanted and they were really expensive to produce so we had to push it back to the next season. This time, I managed to get the sizes and materials right. I think they are finally ready to meet the world!

Who are the gleePEEPS?

Hey peeps!


Introducing glee‘s latest series, gleePEEPS.

gleePEEPS, the owners of gleePETS have taken over the limelight this season. They are a group of happy people from all over the world. Inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi dolls, gleePEEPS is a modern twist to the traditional doll. Every character has their own unique culture, interests and characteristics. Stay tuned to find out more about each and every one of them!

We are launching gleePEEPS for the first time in Hong Kong Mega show part 1 this week. If you happen to be at the show, please visit us at booth no. 5F-F2&F4.

Les Fleurs


A lovely zakka shop at Ledru-Rollin in Paris. Les Fleurs carries a wide selection of cute accessories, stationaries and knick knacks from Paris and different parts of the world. There were so many items that it would probably take hours to go through all of them and decide what to buy.


les fluers

les fluers

les fluers

These are just some of the items they have at Les Fleurs. I think they have lots of handmade items as well. Really a nice shop to visit if you are into zakka!

★How to get there
★Les Fleurs website
★Les Fleurs blog



Many years ago, before moving to Japan, I had a little clay shop called Clayworkers where I taught pottery and sold my clay art pieces. The main concept of the shop was to share clay art with people from all walks of life. I met some really interesting people and it was fun interacting and exchanging ideas. I still think of some of them from time to time. I really miss my days at Clayworkers, especially having my workspace that was well-equipped with potter’s wheel and kiln…etc. It was nice being able to create things anytime I wanted. Would be nice to have a space like that again in the future!

delphine pariente*


First stop was Bastille and I was very happy to stumble upon a very very nice shop owned by a jewelry designer named delphine pariente*. Naturally, I was attracted by the cute window display and went in immediately. There were lots of vintage clothes and bags but the thing that I was really mesmerized by were the necklaces. They were made of a combination of antique parts, beads charms etc. Each necklace seemed to have a story on it its own. As I was admiring the details of the necklaces, a very sweet lady came up to me and started telling me the history of each of the pieces. She was the owner/designer, delphine pariente herself.





Talking to her brought a smile to my face as she seemed to be very contented with what she was doing and was beaming positive energy. When I asked her if she was selling her stuff online, she said she doesn’t like that as she’d like to talk to her customers personally and know who she is selling her stuff to. It was nice to know that her main focus is on sharing her products and the story behind them with people. Meeting her was inspiring as it reminded me of how nice it was having my own clay shop back home. I guess when you work for yourself, you’d get other forms of gratifications that will make monetary ones seem secondary. It really changes your perspective on things. There is a magical strength from within that drives you and every day you are just so happy going to work. I think that drive is called passion. Once again, I am reminded of how important it is to have that in life.

delphine pariente* is definitely a place that I would go back again. Please do drop by if you are around the corner someday.

★How to get there?
★delphine pariente*official website


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