Destination: Italy


I’m off to Milan tomorrow! Will be attending the Macef Milano International Home Show and doing market research on the interior trends in Italy. Not the best time to visit but I’m quite excited as it’s my first time in Italy. Hope I’ll survive the cold! Will try to update whenever I’ve a chance to. Ciao, Ci vediamo!

Night flea

Just got back from a night flea market at Claska.

It was extremely crowded!! There was a good selection of lifestlye products, design books and clothes…etc

Cookie boy had a stall there too! I bought these cute iron-ons from him. Love the kitty!

Got some cool socks from marco monde too.



For those who have not been to Claska, it also has a very nice cafe/restaurant on the 1st floor, gallery and shop on the 2nd floor, studio rental space on 3rd floor and very unique hotel rooms. A must visit if you are in Tokyo!

Silkscreen Factory






This is one of the factories we visited in Chang’an Town, China. It is fairly small but highly efficient. I was really impressed with the speed of the craftsmen. Every frame they silkscreened must have taken less a second. Looking at them made me realized that I have to seriously brush up my silkscreening skills! Would be a dream to have a silkscreen factory/workshop like this!









Our trip to china went pretty well. We visited textile wholesale markets and factories in Chang’an town, Humen town and Guangzhou. Our mission was to look for new fabrics for our Autumn and Winter collection. They had all sorts of fabrics ranging from faux leather/fur to sequence to cotton to nylon, almost any kind of fabric that you can think of. Fabric swatches were all free and we were able to take as many as we needed. Besides fabrics, there were also a whole lot of supplies such as zippers, buttons, chains, metal frame clasp…etc. How could I resist! I ended up buying lots of colorful zippers and faux leather for my personal projects as they are 3 times the price in Japan!



Back from CHINA! I had no access to facebook, twitter and youtube when I was away. I felt a bit deprived. Anyways, it’s good to be back but having been away for the beginning part of a new year has made me quite restless at work. Today I was back in the office for the first time this year and I found it a bit hard to sit still in front of my Mac. Fortunately I have another trip coming up next week and I’m really looking forward to it!

Fly away


Back in Tokyo for a day and I’m flying off again tomorrow. I’m going to visit one of the biggest textile wholesale markets in China! I’m really excited as it is supposed to be 100 times bigger than shum shui po. Will tell you more about it when I am back. Meanwhile, have a nice week ahead everyone!


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