There are many projects that I’ve been working on for the past few years in hope of creating my own line of products for polkaros. The big earthquake was like a wake up call for me. I know I have to stop planning and start realizing my dreams NOW.

colors of my neighborhood








No aftershocks felt in Tokyo today! YAY!

These are some pictures I took of the beautiful neighborhood I live in. Jiyūgaoka is a place known for its interior zakka shops and cute cafes. Definitely a must visit when you come to Tokyo. I will do a post on some of the places that I like in this area later! Have a good weekend everyone!

Land of the rising sun


It’s been exactly 2 weeks since the disaster hit Japan. Recollecting the event sends shivers down my spine. It breaks my heart whenever I think of those who have lost their homes and loved ones in the Northeast. For the past 2 weeks, we have been living in fear and uncertainty. Besides the constant aftershocks that we had to cope with, we were also threatened by the possibility of radiation poisoning in Tokyo. Radiation level in water is back to infant-safe level now but bottled water is sold out in most vending machines, convenience stores and supermarkets. Sundries such as toilet paper are sold out everywhere. To conserve electricity, shops and offices are turning off lights and heaters, some regions have scheduled blackouts and some trains are cancelled or partly suspended. Also due to scheduled blackouts, some shops are closed or close earlier than usual. Apart from all that, life seems to be getting back to normal in Tokyo.

Amidst all the stress, we are actually OKAY. Today was a great day as there was only one mild aftershock experienced in Tokyo. It was so quiet in the day that we got a bit worried but all in all it was a great day. For the first time, I was happy to stay back late at work. This experience has taught me many things and changed my perspective in life. My worries are nothing compared to those in the Northeast. I can only be thankful that I am still alive and am able to still do the things that I like. I am thankful that my family and loved ones are safe. There are many things in life that are beyond my control and for the things that are within my control, I’ve decided to do my best to make them right.

It’s a cold day in Tokyo and I can’t imagine how it is like in the Northeast. The temperature hasn’t gone up ever since the disaster. As an interior fabric company, our company is donating 5000pcs of blankets to people at the shelters. Apparently some shelters have rejected our donation as they were unable to organize the amount of supplies that are being donated. As much as we would like to help in other ways, it seems like money is the most efficient form of donation for now.


It is good to see people from all over the world come together for Japan. I think we all have a soft spot for this lovely country. These are some of the organizations that you can donate to. Please help if you haven’t already done so.

Japanese Red Cross Society
American Red Cross
The Nippon Foundation
Save the Children
Second Harvest(food donation)
Non-Believers Giving Aid
International Medical Corps
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue

Also, we are having a charity sale at our ACCENT BAZAAR store in Gotanda TOC tomorrow. Please drop by if you are in Tokyo!

May the sun continue to rise!



Onigiri is one of my favorite food and I haven’t seen any of it on sale ever since the earthquake on Friday. This is probably the most trivial and unimportant thing compared to everything else that is happening to Japan now. But I suddenly realized how a simple thing like walking into a convenience store to buy an onigiri is something so precious. Mundanity is something to be very thankful for.

It was one of the scariest earthquake we have ever experienced here in Tokyo and right up till now, we are still experiencing aftershocks. Some reports said that there might be another big one coming in the next 72 hours. We have to be prepared but meanwhile, it is important to stay positive and try to get back to normal. We are back at work as if nothing has happened.

There will be a scheduled blackout (power outage) starting the morning of 3/14 in Tokyo, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka. Areas will be divided into 5 groups and each group will experience about 3 hours of power outage. Train companies have announced that there will be irregular operation so I’ve cycled to work today. It took me an hour but it’s definitely better than being stranded.

It is extremely devastating what happened in North East Japan. My thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and loved ones or are still stranded. May everyone be safe and reunited with their loved ones soon. Let’s hope that the worst is over.

To my family and friends who are terribly worried for me, thank you and please don’t worry, I will be safe and alert.

To everyone living in Japan, please take care and be safe! Let’s try to stay positive and alert!








Last sunday I cycled to Mejiro and these are some random pictures I took there. I had a friend in school who used to tell how much she’d love to live in Mejiro. I never really knew what about the place attracted her. This was probably my 3rd time in Meijiro and I am starting to see the subtle charm of this quiet neighborhood. I realized that there are still lots of nice places in Tokyo to be discovered. Cycling is one of the nicest ways to get to know the city.

omote sando

Some more places in Omote Sando.



Serge Thoraval

Juana de Arco




Crayon house – Veggie cafe, bookstore, toys, vegetable market…etc.



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