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Knotted Thread-Red by Akiko Ikeuchi


I have been wanting to talk about the Nearest Faraway Exhibition held at MOT that I visited a few weeks back. The exhibition featured Japanese contemporary artists Akiko IKEUCHI, Chihiro KABATA, Junko KIDO, Naoko SEKINE, Motohiro TOMII and Lyota YAGI. It was interesting to see how each artists interpreted the concept “Nearest Faraway” with simple methods and materials in our every day lives. This exhibition was held to showcase new trends in art, with a focus on the Tokyo metropolis. Do click on the links to see more artworks by each of the artists!

Polkaros Zine : SOLD OUT!

Picture by Bea.

Sorry for my lack of updates! I have been quite busy as I am going through a major transition in my life now! Change is not easy at all!! I will talk more about it when the time is right!

Anyway, great news! Polkaros zine was sold out within the first hour of the MCA zine fair! Not bad? Even though I’ve only made 10 copies, I thought the response was quite encouraging. Since I’ve gathered some orders here and there, I have decided to print more copies for selling online! As I will be sending them to a proper printer this time, there will be small changes such as, the zine will not be stitch bound and there will be no colored tracing paper in between.

Thank you all so much for your interest and support! I will keep you updated when they up for sale!

Announcement: MCA Zine Fair starts tomorrow!


The first Polkaros zine will be available at at the MCA Zine Fair tomorrow! You can find them at the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Table(Stall 30) together with Hello Sandwich‘s new stationery poster zine and other zines by her Tokyo based zine making friends Jollygoo, Ben Davis , BOM, Sunshine to you, Mark Drew and Yumi Takahashi. Unfortunately, I won’t be there personally but I am as excited here in Tokyo! I can’t wait to see/hear the response! Please drop by if you are in Sydney and tell me about it!

Have a great weekend!

Inspired by Color Collective Part 2

More patterns made with color inspirations from Color Collective.

I really love making patterns with the color inspirations from Color Collective! I realized it is not just the colors that inspire me but also the composition of the pictures. Lauren Willhite from Color Collective does a great job in choosing great pictures with her amazing color sense. Check out more color palettes here!

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Cookie Boy Exhibition


Cookie boy exhibition

Cookie boy exhibition

cookie boy exhibtion

Cookie boy exhibition

Cookie boy exhibition


cookie boy exhibtion

Cookie boy exhibition

Cookie boy exhibition

cookie boy exhibtion

I visited Cookie Boy’s exhibition at Silas Gallery in Daikanyama last Saturday. I’ve blogged about Cookie boy before here but this was my first time going to his exhibition and it was pretty SWEET! The whole room was filled with the sweet aroma of colorful sugar coated cookies! It was so nice to walk into Cookie Boy’s world for awhile and experience his unique style and color sense.

This exhibition was postponed for a month due to the big quake in March. It was definitely good to have an uplifting exhibition like this during such difficult times. Cookie boy managed to raise funds for the Japan Red Cross through this exhibition by selling his cookies and other merchandizes such as key charms and bags.

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Zine Review : Japon by Polkaros

A little zine inspired by Traditional Japanese Crafts.

Kokeshi Dolls こけし


Inu-Hariko いぬはりこ


Make your own Okame face mask!

Koinobori こいのぼり

Daruma だるま

Omocha おもちゃ

Introducing the first Polkaros zine! This is what I’ve made for the MCA Zine Fair 2011 that is coming up in Sydney this Sunday. I’ve always been inspired by the colors, motifs and patterns of Traditional Japanese Crafts and thought this would be a good way to share them with everyone.

In this 28-page zine, you’d see illustrations and photographs of Traditional Japanese Crafts such as the Kokeshi doll, Inu-Hariko(papier-mâché dog), Koinobori and Japanese patterns. There are also notes on the background information of each of these items written/translated by me. I hope this can be your new guide to Traditional Japanese Crafts!

This zine will be available at the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Table booth at the MCA Zine Fair on 22 May 2011. Special thanks to Ebony from Hello Sandwich once again and to Beatrice who will be helping us mind the booth. My friend, Sabrina, will be going down to help as well! Thanks Sabbie!

Please check out the event if you are in Sydney!

Note: I currently have limited copies of this as they were painstakingly handmade with stitch binding. I might get them made at a printer later if the response is good. Please leave me a comment if you are interested in getting a copy!


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