The Rainbow State









Here are some color inspiration from the Hawaii. I didn’t get to see a rainbow this time but there were lots of rainbow colors around and I am glad to have brought some home with me, with my camera.

Shades of blue & green









The earth is such a beautiful place!!! This is how I feel whenever I visit Hawaii. I’ve been back for more than a week now but am still dreaming of the beautiful colors of Hawaii. If you look closely at the pictures above, you’d see that there are lots of fun activities going on in the sea and on the beach. I miss the sun and sea breeze!

Last year’s hawaii trip
The longest journey
North shore and more

Package from Johanna



I just got back from Hawaii and was greeted with a lovely package from Berlin! My friend, Johanna sent me a very special notebook from her latest exhibition, 4 very cute pink dot poetry postcards and some very important plain newspapers for a new project that we are working on together. I can’t wait to get started! Will keep you updated when we have more to share! Meanwhile, check out Johanna’s lovely artworks on Bonjour Johanna!

Off to Hawaii


I am leaving for Hawaii in a few hours for our annual company trip! I can’t believe this is my 4th time going to Hawaii with my coworkers. I am really looking forward to it but this also means that there won’t be any post for another week or so! But I will be instagram-ing and posting pictures on twitter! Keep in touch and have a great week everyone!

Streets of Taipei






Sorry for my lack of updates! I just got back from Taiwan! We were there to visit a Stationery Factory and to do some market research on the current trends in Taipei. These are some random pictures of my trip. I will try to post more pictures and talk about some of the shops and areas we visited later!

Accent Style Harajuku

We had our grand opening in Harajuku last Saturday!

Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku


Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku

Our very own Gachapon in the store!
Accent Style Harajuku

And inside the gachapon capsules are custom made Kintaro candies!
Accent Style Harajuku

Accent Style Harajuku was successfully opened on 4 June! We were excited to see a line waiting outside the store on the day of the opening! Thank you everyone for visiting!

I have been so busy last weekend that I missed 2 great events – Zine picnic and Coranda (small dutch fair) . Wish I was there!

Ok, this is a short post as I am off to Taiwan tomorrow to visit some stationery factories! Gotta start packing!
Have a great week ahead everyone!


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