Moving on…

Pattern design for clinique.

For those who have read my Farewell Party post, you’d would probably know that it was a difficult decision to leave my previous company. Nonetheless, it’s time to move on and I am looking forward to my new role as the Accessories Designer for CLINIQUE Asia Pacific. I will be in charge of designing accessories such as cosmetic pouches, vanity cases, tote bags and blankets sets for Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and China. I will be going to Hong Kong tomorrow for 2 weeks to meet the marketing team for the first time! Will also be visiting textile markets and factories in China. Hope to find some nice fabric at the wholesale textile market!

Have a great midweek everyone!

Furniture search in Meguro

Yesterday, I was out looking for used furniture for my new apartment.

I stumbled upon a nice and quiet underpass with some very cute illustrations.


I went to Eco-land, a recycle shop near Musashi-koyama Station.

Found some chairs for my dining room!

The guitar I sold to them was on sale too!

I am devoting this post to Eco-land as I am very thankful for the work they are doing. I found Eco-land’s website while looking for people who could help me get rid of my unwanted furniture and electronic appliances in Tokyo. Eco-land collects unwanted items, repairs and resells them. When your item sells, they will give you half of the profit or you can choose to donate it to charity. They also have 2 recycle shops where you can buy used furniture and appliances at very affordable prices. I met some of the staff and they are all young enthusiasts who care for the environment. I am inspired by them to find some nice recycled furniture for my new apartment.

★ Eco-land Recycle Service Website
★ Eco-land Recycle Shops

We’re moving…again!

My handmade toys…

Back issues of Fudge.
Back issues of Fudge magazine

Mixing fabric, books and objects so that box is not too heavy to carry…

Old casa brutus
I won’t throw this away!

Peeps on the move
Glee Peeps on the move.

Recently, I have been busy changing jobs, looking for a new apartment, and now I am finally moving out again. After living in Tokyo for about 7 years now, I realized that I have accumulated too much stuff for someone living alone! I am having a hard time throwing things out! Guess I have to say goodbye to some lovely magazines and things that I don’t need. I am looking forward to my new place as it is a little bigger with a mini work room and a big balcony! Can’t wait to settle in and do some crafts soon!

798 Art Zone














2 weeks ago, I was in Beijing for a short trip and was excited to visit the 798 Art Zone. Above are some pictures of the massive factory space that has been converted to small art galleries, museums, shops and cafes. I really like the raw factory look combined with graffiti and contemporary art. 798 Art Zone is located in the Danhanzi District. Be sure not to miss it if you are visiting Beijing!

★ 798 Art Zone Official Site


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