Polka X’mas!

X’mas look 1

X’mas look 2
Merry X’mas everyone!!!

X’mas Craft Part 2


Made a mini X’mas tree for my tiny apartment.

X’mas Craft part 1

Purses with initials




Glad to finally put my not-so-new Juki sewing machine to good use! These are some X’mas gifts that I’ve made with canvas and felt. It’s actually my first time sewing purses like these and I’m surprised how easy it actually is. I managed to make all these in a day!

Colorful work trip

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po



I am currently in Hong Kong for work and it has been a very colorful trip for me so far. Besides reviewing samples of the bags that I’ve designed recently, I’m also here to collect materials for the new season. Even though it was only 3 months ago that I’ve been to Shum Shui Po, I was excited to find some new materials this time. It was also a great experience traveling into China alone for the first time to visit factories and work closely with the sample makers.

The last 2 pictures above were taken in a sample room at one of the factories I’d visited. How nice would it be to have a sample room with all the materials ready in all colors for you to make a sample anytime you wanted. I guess with the wholesale supplies in Shum Shui Po, it is actually possible to stock up and create a sample room at home. That would probably be my big project for the coming new year!

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Polkaros x Mimipong

My tears of Joy come in rainbow colors

The ‘Mimiscellany’ showcase by Mimipong started today at The Little Dröm Store. I wish I could be there to see it for myself but unfortunately I won’t be making a trip to Singapore this month. I must say Mimipong did a great job in putting everything together. The display and layout look really cute! I hope I will have some pictures to share soon.

Mimiscellany 8 Dec 2011 – 31 Dec 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates! This is one of things that has been keeping me busy. Polkaros will be participating in Mimiscellany – a showcase of specially-selected MimiPong projects that includes collaborations with visual artists Johanna Tagada, Gabbi Kræpelien, Cherry Cereza Messy Msxi and myself.


I received a lovely Tears of Joy plush – Mr. Mustachio from MimiPong a few weeks back. I was told to interpret and express ‘tears of joy’ with a series of pictures. I am still working on it but here’s a sneak peak of Mr. Mustachio getting comfortable in cozy Polkaros studio.

Mr Mustachio

Mimiscellany starts from 8 Dec 2011 – 31 Dec 2011 at The Little Dröm Store in Singapore. Do drop by if you are in Singapore!


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