mt school 2012


Oh I am so excited that the mt school is here again! I had so much fun last year at the mt school for wrapping at amu space where attended the amazing Hello Sandwich workshop!

The mt school in yokohama will be on from 7th – 15th April 2012 and Hello Sandwich will be hosting 2 workshops again this year on 7th and 11th April 2012!

I wish I could attend the workshop but I will be in Hong Kong visiting textile markets and meeting up with suppliers for the next season’s collection. If you are in Tokyo/Yokohama, do drop by and get inspired!

★ mt school in Yokohama 2012 Official Site

All New Polkaros – Coming Soon!


I am excited to announce that the new Polkaros website and online store will be launched in April 2012! It is finally happening! Thanks to all who have shown interests in my products and have been waiting patiently. Sorry it has taken so long!

I am extremely honored to have Hiki, from Jollygoo, design the new Polkaros website and online store! Hiki is very experienced in both web design and e-commerce, and she also has a wonderful online store called Ugusui(if you don’t already know by now). Many thanks to Hiki, the site is looking great!! Wouldn’t have been able to do all this without her! We are finalizing the details now and I can’t wait for it to be up!

Join us on facebook for the latest updates on the launch!

Lili Scratchy Exhibition at Doux Dimanche











I was so happy to be able to catch Lili Scratchy‘s exhibition at galerie doux dimanche last Thursday. The ceramic artworks were so colorful, fun and extremely well-made. Too bad my favorite piece, ‘Majorette’, was already sold out when I went! It would be a cute piece to have at home! I got a copy of the Lili Scratchy book to remind me of her amazing works! I am so inspired to have my own pottery studio again!

This exhibition ends on 18 March (Sun). Sorry I couldn’t blog about this earlier but if you are around Omote-sando area in Tokyo tomorrow, do check out this amazing exhibition!

Special thanks to doux dimanche for letting me feature this lovely exhibition on my blog♥

A year ago


A year ago this time, we were out of drinking water and even the very easily available bottled water from the vending machines were all out of stock. It was a time of uncertainty and also a wake up call for us. I realized how I’ve taken my ‘ordinary’ daily life for granted. ‘Ordinary’ has become a luxury to me now.
Let’s hope and pray that the people who are still living in the shelters will get their ordinary daily lives back again.

handmade support

On a lighter note, I found out about the ‘Handmade Support Project for Tsunami Survivors‘ through Felt Cafe Japan. As part of the Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan, they are offering supplies such as sewing machines, and providing workshops to help survivors make a living out of their craft. There are no items up on sale on their etsy page yet but I am really looking forward to it. I hope this project will bring some joy to crafters in the affected regions.

Polkaros pottery – WIP




These are some of the latest works I have been working on lately. The pottery studio that I’ve been going to is closing down soon and now I have to look for a new place to do my pottery. Seriously considering getting a kiln for my tiny apartment! That would be a dream come true ★


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