Hello Spring!


I have a soft spot in my heart for Spring as everything in Japan starts in Spring and so did my move to Japan 8 years ago. I remember my first few days of school and how excited we were when the sakura trees outside our dormitory bloomed. Our hearts were filled with hope and excitement for the year ahead! ( Ah I was young…) What I love so much about sakura is how it adds a soft and gentle touch to our daily lives. I have recently moved to a new neighborhood and was delighted to find a quiet river lined with sakura trees. It was one of the most magical and beautiful sights ever. A hidden treasure!
















Hope you are enjoying spring, wherever you are.

Olga goose candle workshop & exhibition

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Hello everyone! I’m back in Tokyo after a work trip to New York. I have so many pending blog posts, it is almost impossible to blog in real time these days. But I will try my best to catch up! Here are some pictures that I’ve been wanting to share with you. Last month, I visited the Olga goosecandle exhibition in Rocket gallery and also attended their candle workshop. I’m in love with the unique style, shapes and colors of these candles!

goose candle exhibition/workshop


Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop


Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Candle workshop
This might be one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. It was my first time working with candles and it was so much fun! We decorated a pair of unicorns with soft kneadable wax and candle paints. I am really loving this new medium and can’t wait to try making some new shapes!

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

And this was how my pair of unicorn candles turned out!
Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

★ Olga goose candle offical website


Picture taken on April 2011 – first bloom after the quake

2 years have past since the 3/11 disaster that took lives and destroyed homes of many in the Tohoku region. Even though the earthquake felt in Tokyo was nothing compared to what happened in Tohoku, I must admit that until today, I’m still deeply affected by the experience. I can only imagine how much harder it must be for those in Tohoku. I would like to take a moment to remember and send my thoughts to the victims of the disaster. I hope this will remind us how precious life is and that we should treasure every moment that we have with our loved ones, on this beautiful planet. Be strong and have hope.


Only Free Paper

Only Free Paper Shibuya

Only Free Paper is a very cute shop in Shibuya filled with free promotional materials such as postcards, zines, brochures and leaflets. It is always enjoyable to visit as they have lots of information on upcoming events and guides to galleries and museums in Tokyo. Not to mention, the designs of the free papers are usually very cute and the paper quality is lovely too!

Only Free Paper Shibuya

Only Free Paper Shibuya

Only Free Paper Shibuya



Only Free Paper Shibuya





Besides free paper, they also have a small section of zines for sale. They started carrying our Polkaros lifestyle zine a few months ago and it has recently been restocked! Do drop by if you are in Shibuya and would like a copy!

Only Free Paper
Address: Udagawacho, 15-1 Shibuya Parco Part 1, Shibuya Tokyo

dröm sessions : Polkaros

drom sessions
dröm sessions is a platform created by the amazing peeps from the little dröm store to showcase and interview some of their favorite overseas and local artists. I am very honored that they have decided to feature Polkaros on dröm sessions this month. Read our full interview here.

The little dröm store is the cutest gallery shop in Singapore. Be sure to check it out if you are visiting!

7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791
The little dröm store website


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