Singapore Dessert Collection

Singapore Dessert Collection

We will be at The little dröm store on 1st November (Sunday), to launch our Singapore Dessert Collection, a collaboration series with The Little Drom Store. We started talking about this project since last November and are so excited to finally share it with you! Do drop by if you are in town! Let’s have a chat about our favourite Singapore Desserts this Sunday!

Meet Ice-Ka-Chan, inspired by the popular Singapore dessert ‘Ice Kachang’ made of shaved ice, assorted beans, jelly and colorful syrup!

This is Tang Yuan, inspired by one of my favorite desserts as a kid. It is a traditional Chinese dessert made of glutinous rice flour rolled into little balls and served in a sweet soup.

Photo credit: The Little Drom Store they did such an amazing job! And special thanks to Hello Sandwich – Ebony and Kat for helping with the photo shoot at the Hawker Centre (1st pic) when they were visiting Singapore!

Behind the scenes of Polkaros! [Part 1/2]

Ever wonder how your pots are painted? Let’s take a peek into our initial stages of pot painting at our studio!
Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Polkaros studio behind the scenes
We create little handy design guides for our pots.

Polkaros studio behind the scenesDiscussion of workflow before we get started. Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Checking for defects before we start our painting process.

Polkaros studio behind the scenesTaking reference to the ceramic colour guides on the wall. Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Mixing and getting our signature pastel colours and shades right.

Polkaros studio behind the scenes

It’s not all done yet! Stay tuned later this week for the finishing steps before firing them at the kiln!


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