Kamifusen Workshop

Kamifusen Workshop
We are having a Polkaros Kamifusen workshop at Isetan Scotts in Singapore on the 23 April & 1 May 2016 as part of their Japan Fair.

Kamifusen, also known as paper balloon, is a traditional handmade toy from Japan. In this 1 hour workshop, you will get to design and decorate your very own Kamifusen.

We will also be launching our new Polkaros Kamifusen DIY kit! Special thanks to the one and only Hiki from Uguisu for being such a great advisor and supplier of the materials. We can’t wait to share the kit with you!

Sign up here for the Kamifusen Workshop now: https://www.isetan.com.sg/t/categories/polkaros-workshop-april-2016/polkaros-workshops


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