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Takara Gallery & Workroom


Takara Gallery & Workroom is a silkscreen studio located in Gugo city in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. They aim to increase interest in traditional Japanese towel known as Tenugui through their hands-on Tenugui silkscreen classes and gallery shop that features Tenugui, Furoshiki and other Japanese textile related products by selected artists. We are honored to have our Tenugui produced by skilled craftsmen at Takara gallery and happy to see our products in their shop!

Gujo city is a popular holiday spot for many Janpanese and also recognised as the birthplace of silkscreening industry in Japan. According to Maho-chan, owner of Takara Gallery, the best time to visit is in Summer when they have the biggest dance festival called Gujo-Odori. If you are planning a trip to Japan, perhaps you can consider dropping by Takara Gallery in Gujo city for a hands-on experience on making your own Tenugui!

Here are some pictures of their workshops.



Here’s a very lovely video by Takara Gallery. Do take some time to watch it!

Japanese dyed fabrics event – ‘Some no Komichi’

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Today was the first day of ‘Some no Komichi‘, a 3 day event held in Nakai/ Nakaochiai to celebrate the area’s rich history in Japanese dyed fabrics. Traditionally, newly dyed kimono fabrics were hung out to dry outside the factories, along the Myoshoji River. During this event, 50-60 long pieces of colorful kimono fabrics is draped above the same river. The event takes you back in time as you walk along the river and visit the workshops of local craftsmen. The shop fronts are also decorated with beautifully hand dyed Noren (Japanese curtains). ‘Some no Komichi’ will be on till Sunday 2 March 2014. Do check it out if you are in Tokyo!

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014
Kimono workshop open house

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

Japanese textile event 染の小道 2014

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The Polkaros Parade – Handcrafted Exhibition & Pop Up store


So the time has come! Sorry for the slow update as we have been busy with the preparations. We will be showcasing our new collection of handcrafted products at one of our favorite places in Tokyo, Galerie Doux Dimanche Aoyama. The exhibition will be on from 10-27 December 2013. Please drop by if you are in Tokyo! More pictures coming up soon!

More information on the exhibition here:

And also on Galerie Doux Dimanche website (in Japanese):

Joshibi Festival!


Joshibi Festival starts today at the Higashi-Koenji Campus. This is a 3-day open campus art event organized by Joshibi University of Art and Design. If you are interested in studying Textile design in Tokyo, I would highly recommend this school as it is has great facilities – silkscreen/dyeing lab, foot-loom weaving lab and electric Jacquard machine. Also, you get to learn all about Japanese traditional crafts and how to apply them to modern products. Here are some of the pictures of the school environment. Have a great weekend!









Japanese Textile Dyeing Festival


Earlier this year, I went to a Japanese traditional dyeing event called ‘Some no Komichi’. It was a 3 day event held in the Ochiai/Nakai area, also known as the center for Tokyo’s traditional dyeing industry. A place where skilled craftsmen can still be seen in their workshops applying colors and patterns to kimono silks. Until 1960s, newly dyed cloths were being washed in the Myoshoji River. To celebrate the traditional craft, hand-dyed fabric were displayed in the ‘River Gallery’ over the Myoshoji River throughout the event. The shopping street was decorated with Noren (Traditional Japanese fabric dividers) that were specially designed and hand-dyed by craftsmen for the shops that participated. Local craftsmen living in the area also opened their workshops to public for viewing and some even offered a 1 day trial lesson for visitors to experience traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. Here are some pictures of the amazing 3 day event!
















Olga goose candle workshop & exhibition

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Hello everyone! I’m back in Tokyo after a work trip to New York. I have so many pending blog posts, it is almost impossible to blog in real time these days. But I will try my best to catch up! Here are some pictures that I’ve been wanting to share with you. Last month, I visited the Olga goosecandle exhibition in Rocket gallery and also attended their candle workshop. I’m in love with the unique style, shapes and colors of these candles!

Olga<br />
goose candle exhibition/workshop


Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop


Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Candle workshop
This might be one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. It was my first time working with candles and it was so much fun! We decorated a pair of unicorns with soft kneadable wax and candle paints. I am really loving this new medium and can’t wait to try making some new shapes!

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

And this was how my pair of unicorn candles turned out!
Olga goosecandle exhibition/workshop

★ Olga goose candle offical website


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