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Frankie Issue 51


A few months ago, I was invited to contribute some DIY gift ideas for an upcoming Frankie magazine holiday spread. The theme was to create an easy to make gift with recycled materials that you can give to a friend during the holiday season. This was what I created – African basket inspired mini vases made with PET bottles and paper twines.

african mini vase

The spread turned out really lovely and I was very thrilled to have my project shot by amazing photographer Hilary Walker. I am so honored to be involved in this beautiful issue! If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can get yours from Frankie Press online store.


Art books galore

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011 was held in 3331 Arts Chiyoda, a very nice art space that is based in a renovated a Junior high school.




The event was filled with lots of amazing art books and zines from all over the world.



I was excited to see a wide variety of self-published zines made of different kinds paper and printing techniques. There were just too many cute zines with pretty colors and nice paper!



And this was how our tables looked like! It was so nice having my table next to talented Grace Lee and Ebony from Hello Sandwich!

Super cute Hello Sandwich wall!

Lovely illustrations by Grace!

Polkaros table! It was so fun selling mini zines with my new Gachapon machine!

Will post more pictures of my new mini zines later!

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011 ends tomorrow 18 July. Be sure not to miss it if you are in Tokyo!

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011


Oh I have been so busy ever since my farewell party! I am happy to announce that I will be will be participating in the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011 this Saturday (16 July)! I will be selling my Polkaros JAPON zine for the first time in Japan.

Tokyo Art Book Fair is an annual arts publishing fair organized by Zine’s mate. You can see some lovely pictures of the event last year on Hello Sandwich’s blog here. I am so excited that my table will be alongside Ebony and her friend, Grace this year!

Do drop by if you are in Tokyo!

Announcement: MCA Zine Fair starts tomorrow!


The first Polkaros zine will be available at at the MCA Zine Fair tomorrow! You can find them at the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Table(Stall 30) together with Hello Sandwich‘s new stationery poster zine and other zines by her Tokyo based zine making friends Jollygoo, Ben Davis , BOM, Sunshine to you, Mark Drew and Yumi Takahashi. Unfortunately, I won’t be there personally but I am as excited here in Tokyo! I can’t wait to see/hear the response! Please drop by if you are in Sydney and tell me about it!

Have a great weekend!

Zine Review : Japon by Polkaros

A little zine inspired by Traditional Japanese Crafts.

Kokeshi Dolls こけし


Inu-Hariko いぬはりこ


Make your own Okame face mask!

Koinobori こいのぼり

Daruma だるま

Omocha おもちゃ

Introducing the first Polkaros zine! This is what I’ve made for the MCA Zine Fair 2011 that is coming up in Sydney this Sunday. I’ve always been inspired by the colors, motifs and patterns of Traditional Japanese Crafts and thought this would be a good way to share them with everyone.

In this 28-page zine, you’d see illustrations and photographs of Traditional Japanese Crafts such as the Kokeshi doll, Inu-Hariko(papier-mâché dog), Koinobori and Japanese patterns. There are also notes on the background information of each of these items written/translated by me. I hope this can be your new guide to Traditional Japanese Crafts!

This zine will be available at the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Table booth at the MCA Zine Fair on 22 May 2011. Special thanks to Ebony from Hello Sandwich once again and to Beatrice who will be helping us mind the booth. My friend, Sabrina, will be going down to help as well! Thanks Sabbie!

Please check out the event if you are in Sydney!

Note: I currently have limited copies of this as they were painstakingly handmade with stitch binding. I might get them made at a printer later if the response is good. Please leave me a comment if you are interested in getting a copy!

Coming soon: Polkaros zine!


Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been busy making my zine for the The MCA & Sydney Writers’ Festival Zine Fair 2011 that will be on next Sunday, 22 May. Many thanks to Ebony from Hello Sandwich for inviting me to join her at the fair. I am excited to have found a new medium to work on! Zine making is so fun! As you can see in the poster above, my zine is based on Traditional Japanese Craft. Will post more pictures of it soon. Now I really got to get some sleep! Have a great weekend everyone!


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