We ❤️ Kokeshi

We ❤️ kokeshi

Kokeshi was created during the end of Edo-period in Tohoku region in Japan and sold as a toy/souvenir to tourists at the popular hot springs. It is carved out on a wheel, which is quite similar to how our pots are made.

We ❤️ kokeshi

There are two kinds of Kokeshi doll – the Traditional Kokeshi that consists of 11 different styles and originated from 6 prefectures in Tohoku, and the Modern Kokeshi that was created by modern craftsmen and sold as a souvenir all over Japan. Kokeshi as originally created as a toy for children and is designed in a way that a child or infant can hold on to the doll easily. The width of the body of a kokeshi doll is meant to fit in a child’s hand nicely. We love how a traditional craft and natural material like wood is combined with a cute design and simple colors. I can imagine how a child would be attracted to the toy when they are on a holiday with their parents. It kind of reminds me of how I was naturally attracted to ceramic pieces with faces and colors when I hung out at my parent’s pottery studio as a child, surrounded by more ‘serious’ and ‘adult’ works.

Kokeshi pots
Above is one of our earliest pot shapes that was inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi Doll. I was inspired to create something that would speak to someone out there who is playful and filled with the curiosity of a child.
We have just updated our store and you can see the full Kokeshi collection here.

Uniqlo flagship store pre-opening event


We are very honored to be part of the private opening event of Uniqlo’s first flagship store in Singapore/South East Asia. The brief was to host a 15 minutes workshop for 60 pax. This was our first time doing something in that scale and I was excited to take up the challenge! After some brainstorming, I finally decided to do a mini pot brooch painting workshop for the event. It was a busy and fun night sharing my craft with the guests. Everyone was so creative and it was interesting to see everyone’s interpretation of my mini pots. Here are some pictures from that night!

Uniqlo pre-opening night workshop








Online store update!

polkaros store update 2016

Our online store will be restocked tomorrow, June 2, at 9:30pm Singapore time/9:30am EDT. Finally!! Thank you to those who have been asking and waiting so patiently for our update. Do drop by to check out some of our new products! Hope you will find something you like! x

Singapore Dessert Collection

Singapore Dessert Collection

We will be at The little dröm store on 1st November (Sunday), to launch our Singapore Dessert Collection, a collaboration series with The Little Drom Store. We started talking about this project since last November and are so excited to finally share it with you! Do drop by if you are in town! Let’s have a chat about our favourite Singapore Desserts this Sunday!

Meet Ice-Ka-Chan, inspired by the popular Singapore dessert ‘Ice Kachang’ made of shaved ice, assorted beans, jelly and colorful syrup!

This is Tang Yuan, inspired by one of my favorite desserts as a kid. It is a traditional Chinese dessert made of glutinous rice flour rolled into little balls and served in a sweet soup.

Photo credit: The Little Drom Store they did such an amazing job! And special thanks to Hello Sandwich – Ebony and Kat for helping with the photo shoot at the Hawker Centre (1st pic) when they were visiting Singapore!

Behind the scenes of Polkaros! [Part 1/2]

Ever wonder how your pots are painted? Let’s take a peek into our initial stages of pot painting at our studio!
Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Polkaros studio behind the scenes
We create little handy design guides for our pots.

Polkaros studio behind the scenesDiscussion of workflow before we get started. Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Checking for defects before we start our painting process.

Polkaros studio behind the scenesTaking reference to the ceramic colour guides on the wall. Polkaros studio behind the scenes
Mixing and getting our signature pastel colours and shades right.

Polkaros studio behind the scenes

It’s not all done yet! Stay tuned later this week for the finishing steps before firing them at the kiln!

Dröm Pop!

Pop Up Shop in Singapore
We had our first pop up shop in Singapore at The Little Dröm Store and it was such a lovely experience. We showcased our handcrafted ceramic pots, Tenugui, zines and new items such as our clutch bags and Polkaros Poms! Thank you Singapore for all your support♥︎ Here are some pictures of how it turned out!
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Above you’ll see our new Polkaros Poms, carefully handcrafted by Singaporean PomPom maker Melly. I will do a proper blog post about them soon!
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
I had fun decorating the glass window with the help of two very talented girls – Melly and Joycelyn! Thank you so much for staying back to help!
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to the lovely Dröm keepers Antoinette and Stanely for making this happen. They have so much love for their products and work so well together as a team. It was such a pleasure working with them! Looking forward to future collaborations!
Pop Up Shop in Singapore
The pop up shop will be on till the end of November 2014. Do check if out if you are in Singapore! The ceramic pots are sold out but other items are still available.
Address: The Little Dröm Store SOTA, School of the arts 1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01 Singapore 227 968
Photo credit: The Little Dröm Store


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