Kamifusen Workshop

Kamifusen Workshop
We are having a Polkaros Kamifusen workshop at Isetan Scotts in Singapore on the 23 April & 1 May 2016 as part of their Japan Fair.

Kamifusen, also known as paper balloon, is a traditional handmade toy from Japan. In this 1 hour workshop, you will get to design and decorate your very own Kamifusen.

We will also be launching our new Polkaros Kamifusen DIY kit! Special thanks to the one and only Hiki from Uguisu for being such a great advisor and supplier of the materials. We can’t wait to share the kit with you!

Sign up here for the Kamifusen Workshop now: https://www.isetan.com.sg/t/categories/polkaros-workshop-april-2016/polkaros-workshops

K+ Polkaros Exhibition

K+ polkaros 1
Our first solo exhibition in Singapore located at K+ Curatorial Space in Scotts Square ends today! Very thankful for the opportunity to share our works in such an lovely space. We launched new items such as our giant pouffes, bag accessories and riso prints. We also did a series of collaboration prints with The Letter J supply and cute pompoms with Green Laundry. A huge thank you to those who came to our opening party, attended our workshops and visited the exhibition! It means a lot to us! Special thanks to Kinetic and K+ team for all their hard work and support! For our dear friends outside of Singapore, here are some pictures of the exhibition. Hope that our works could travel to meet you some day!

K+ polkaros 0
Kinetic team helping with the set up. Can’t thank them enough!!

K+ polkaros
The end date was meant to be in January but thanks to the extension, many of my friends and family who lived overseas were able to catch it!

K+ polkaros 7
Custom-made Polkaros cupcakes for our opening party!

K+ polkaros 3
One of the exciting challenges for this exhibition was creating our giant pots!

K+ polkaros 4 b
The amazing feeling when you find the perfect plant for your pot.

K+ polkaros 2

K+ polkaros 6
Our new pouffes!

K+ polkaros 5

K+ polkaros 8
Our new limited edition riso prints.

K+ polkaros 10
Afro cat – one of our new animal pots.

K+ polkaros 11
Polkaros hanging wall art.

K+ polkaros 12

Anniversary MiLK Pop-up Store, Omotesando Hills

Our favourite Kids, Art & Design Magazine, MiLK Japon is now having a pop-up store “Anniversary MiLK” in Omotesando Hills and we just had to pay them visit!






Spot the Singapore label! The adorable origami pins from Hug-a-Porcupine!






If you are around the area, we really think you should drop by Anniversary MiLK Pop-up Store for some fun! But before you hit downtown Tokyo, why not dress up with Polkaros accessories?



Sakura started to bloom last weekend and they are already starting to fall! Yesterday I took some time off work to enjoy Hanami in Chirodorigafuchi park with good friend Hiki. We wanted to check out the Chiyoda area as we hardly go to that part of Tokyo together. It was an extremely warm day for Spring and the light was perfect for photography. The park surrounding the emperor palace is beautiful and it might be one of the most beautiful Sakura sights I’ve seen. The river had a lovely gradient of turquoise and green, and it was a nice complement to the light pink Sakura.








thank you LKY

Today is a day of grief for Singaporeans as we say our goodbyes to Singapore’s founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

I must say as a teenager living in Singapore, I was never really appreciative and have always wanted to leave Singapore in search of culture, creativity and freedom. After living in Japan for 10 years and having to travel a lot for work, I now realise how much freedom and mobility I actually have as a Singaporean. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the stability in my home country. I was given an equal chance as my peers or someone in a developed country to pursue my dreams. This equality did not come easy and we must never forget the hardship that has brought us here.

Thank you Mr. Lee for the fight that has not only provided us with a comfortable life but the equal rights and freedom to pursue our dreams as Singaporeans.


* * * * * The five stars on our national flag depict Singapore’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. May these ideals continue to guide us as a nation.


Textile Festival in Ochiai

More from ‘Some No Komichi 染の小道’. Besides outdoor exhibition, there were also many indoor workshops that you could participate in to learn more about traditional dyeing techiques. Here in Futaba-en, you can try dyeing your own textile with Edo dyeing techniques.

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai070

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Futaba-en also had a small shop and cafe area at the back during the event. They created a very nice space with modern products made with traditional techniques. The music selection was also perfect!

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai

Textile Festival in Ochiai


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