Anniversary MiLK Pop-up Store, Omotesando Hills

Our favourite Kids, Art & Design Magazine, MiLK Japon is now having a pop-up store “Anniversary MiLK” in Omotesando Hills and we just had to pay them visit!






Spot the Singapore label! The adorable origami pins from Hug-a-Porcupine!






If you are around the area, we really think you should drop by Anniversary MiLK Pop-up Store for some fun! But before you hit downtown Tokyo, why not dress up with Polkaros accessories?

Dusty Buttons






This is a cute vintage boutique located at East Village, New York. Dusty Buttons has a wide collection of vintage dresses, shoes, accessories and even cameras! My sister found herself 2 very glamourous and elegant 1960’s vintage dresses that fitted her perfectly. I regret not getting the vintage mint green savoy box camera! Hope I will see it again someday. Do check out this awesome shop when you are in New York.

Dusty Buttons
441 East 9th St, New York NY 10009

A book from Paul Smith







One of my coworkers has a book given to him by Paul Smith many years ago. My coworker didn’t think much of it but I thought it was amazing! It’s like a handmade mood board in a scrapbook with lots of inspirational images and fabric samples. It must be the time when Mod was in.

delphine pariente*


First stop was Bastille and I was very happy to stumble upon a very very nice shop owned by a jewelry designer named delphine pariente*. Naturally, I was attracted by the cute window display and went in immediately. There were lots of vintage clothes and bags but the thing that I was really mesmerized by were the necklaces. They were made of a combination of antique parts, beads charms etc. Each necklace seemed to have a story on it its own. As I was admiring the details of the necklaces, a very sweet lady came up to me and started telling me the history of each of the pieces. She was the owner/designer, delphine pariente herself.





Talking to her brought a smile to my face as she seemed to be very contented with what she was doing and was beaming positive energy. When I asked her if she was selling her stuff online, she said she doesn’t like that as she’d like to talk to her customers personally and know who she is selling her stuff to. It was nice to know that her main focus is on sharing her products and the story behind them with people. Meeting her was inspiring as it reminded me of how nice it was having my own clay shop back home. I guess when you work for yourself, you’d get other forms of gratifications that will make monetary ones seem secondary. It really changes your perspective on things. There is a magical strength from within that drives you and every day you are just so happy going to work. I think that drive is called passion. Once again, I am reminded of how important it is to have that in life.

delphine pariente* is definitely a place that I would go back again. Please do drop by if you are around the corner someday.

★How to get there?
★delphine pariente*official website

Tie dye

There are some interesting tie dye pieces in the market this season and one of the designers that I’ve been interested in lately is Rika at opening ceremony. Tie dye fabric is raw and the results are unexpected, making every piece unique as it is made out of different parts of the fabric. Seeing all these hand dyed fabric has reminded me that I use to like doing Shiborizome and brush dyeing when I was in school. So I was motivated me to put what I have learnt into good use…

Tie dye/shibori

brush dyeing

dip dyeing

I am a pretty picky consumer actually. I am always stuck in situations like : I wish they had this in this color, I wish they had mint green instead of lime green…or pink instead of orange…etc. I can never find the perfect item and when I do, they are often way past my budget. So I guess dyeing my own simple tank tops in colors I like would be a solution for me right now.


Are e-MOOK catalogues available outside of Japan? I got this copy of marc by marc jacobs summer catalogue a few weeks back. I have always wanted to talk about these e-MOOK catalogues cause they are so well-made and reasonably priced. They usually come in a set with a free gift that is made in relation to the season’s theme. This marc jacobs catalogue came with a towel, pouch and a mirror created with prints inspired by the latest collection. How amazing, the amount of effort put into a free gift. In a way, I guess you are paying for it as the catalogue is more expensive than a regular magazine but the gifts do add value and make you want to get a copy before it runs out.


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