Polkaros Store – Grand Opening!

Polkarospressweb up

I’m extremely happy to announce the grand opening of our Polkaros store and the launch of our new website that was painstakingly redesigned by our dear friend Hiki-chan. I’m loving the new site, hope you do too! After months of preparation the store is now live and will be serving customers around the globe, bringing the joys of Polkaros zakka to their doorstep.

Check out our official press release here!

The first range of products to be featured in the store is the knitted series from Glee zakka, previously only available in Japan, but now available for purchase worldwide.

To commemorate the launch of the Polkaros store, I will be giving away one of these cute plushies to a random winner. So if you want to adopt one of these little guys simply click the “Like Button” on the Polkaros Facebook page!


Terms & Conditions
Prize One of the above Glee Zakka Plushies would be selected randomly.
Shipping cost Polkaros cover all shipping cost.
Country This contest is open to worldwide audience. There is no location restriction.
Result date Results will be announced on 30 MAY 2012.

Off to Hong Kong!

I’m leaving for Hong Kong to meet with the people at Clinique and the suppliers, to discuss Fall 13 Accessories for Asia Pacific. Will also be visiting the textile market, Sham Shui Po, again for new inspirations!

Above is a picture of ‘Lowe’ the lion plush doll that will be available in the Polkaros store soon. I have been doing some new product shots for my glee★zakka series. I will be announcing the opening date of my store very soon!

Have a great week everyone!

Glee zakka in stores now!







My new knitted series, ‘Glee zakka’, is currently available in Bleu Bleuet stores in Japan! These pictures were taken in Mark City, Shibuya branch. I was so excited when I saw them in stores! Do look out for them if you happen to visit Bleu Bleuet in Japan!

I will also be launching my online store soon and will be carrying some products from this series. Stay tuned for more updates!







These are some pictures from our last photo shoot. Glee Zakka is a new series of knitted items that I’ve designed for our 2011 Autumn & Winter Collection. They will be available in stores like Loft and Bleu Bluet in Japan this fall. I am happy to announce that they will also be available at our new POLKAROS online store! More updates coming soon!

Farewell Party

Last thursday was a very emotional day for me as it was my last day of work at ACCENT.


Even though there were difficult times, it all turned out to be a very wonderful 3-4 years for me at ACCENT. My farewell party was held at one of our favorite restaurants in Ebisu, Bistro Shiro. The party was filled with lots of tears and laughter! Just recollecting the event now brings tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize how much I love my company and coworkers!

I made some ‘Thank you’ stickers and friendship bands for everyone.



My gifts were nothing compared to the awesome presents I got from everyone. I can’t thank them enough for all the thought and effort they have put into the whole thing.

First of all, my boss’s wife got me this awesome custom made bracelet that had a charm with my clown design carved on! How cute! I was so touched! ♥

Then, they took out this Gachapon capsule machine and told me it was mine, I felt like I have won a car or something. Everyone who knows me well would know that it has been my dream to own a gachapon machine! I never thought it was possible! It was filled with capsules of little presents and messages from all the girls in the company. They are so sweet!!!!!!!

My farewell present! Gachapon!

Here comes the best part! Towards the end of the night, they took out an IMac (carried over by hand from our office) and played an awesome lip dub video that they’ve made for me. Everyone in my company, including my boss, people from our Osaka office and some ex-coworkers were in the video. I was crying and laughing throughout the whole video. This must be the most touching present that I have ever received!!!

Cover art by Craftholic designer, Iku-san.
Ros video

Ros video

The mastermind behind all of this is actually my senior designer, Iku-san. For the past 3 years, we have spent almost every day together. We went to visit exhibitions together, we did photo shoots together, we went for lunch and dinners together, we travelled to London, Paris, Copenhagen, China, Hong Kong, Milan, Venice, Taiwan and Hawaii together, we talked about everything together, we went on road trips in Japan together… It is hard to imagine not seeing her that often anymore! I will miss her very much!

Me and Iku-san after crying a lot at the farewell party…

Here is ‘The Ross Video’, filmed in Hawaii and Tokyo. Directed and edited by Iku-san. Starring Accent.

Thank you so much ACCENT! I have learned so much over the years! I will miss you all very much!


Resilient peeps





Life in Tokyo is getting back to normal, trains are getting packed again and streets are crowded like before. Feels strange that in just 200km or so away, there are people who have lost their loved ones and homes to the disaster, living in shelters and still experiencing aftershocks. I know we can’t expect everyone to be in grief all the time but sometimes I wonder if it is resilience or nonchalance. I guess it is the responsibility of the Tokyoites to keep the economy going. I do admire and respect the resilient peeps around me eg. the people in my company. We are now expected to work a lot harder than before.

We will be exhibiting gleePEEPS (products above & more) at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair from 27-30 April. If you are a buyer looking for some new gift ideas, you might want to check out this show. Please visit our booth if you are there!

★PEEPS collection
★ Like father like son – bedroom slippers

We are currently looking for buyers, distributors or stockists for our gleePEEPs series. For enquiries, kindly email us at store(at)polkaros.com.


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