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These are some of the latest works I have been working on lately. The pottery studio that I’ve been going to is closing down soon and now I have to look for a new place to do my pottery. Seriously considering getting a kiln for my tiny apartment! That would be a dream come true ★

Resilient peeps





Life in Tokyo is getting back to normal, trains are getting packed again and streets are crowded like before. Feels strange that in just 200km or so away, there are people who have lost their loved ones and homes to the disaster, living in shelters and still experiencing aftershocks. I know we can’t expect everyone to be in grief all the time but sometimes I wonder if it is resilience or nonchalance. I guess it is the responsibility of the Tokyoites to keep the economy going. I do admire and respect the resilient peeps around me eg. the people in my company. We are now expected to work a lot harder than before.

We will be exhibiting gleePEEPS (products above & more) at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair from 27-30 April. If you are a buyer looking for some new gift ideas, you might want to check out this show. Please visit our booth if you are there!

★PEEPS collection
★ Like father like son – bedroom slippers

We are currently looking for buyers, distributors or stockists for our gleePEEPs series. For enquiries, kindly email us at store(at)polkaros.com.

Like father like son



Meet gleePEEPS and the kiddos! These bedroom slippers are available in both adults & kids sizes. It’s our first time making slippers for kids and they turned out pretty well. Now you can have matching bedroom slippers for the whole family!

PEEPS collection





These are some pictures from our last photo shoot at Studio Canal. Our latest gleePEEPS collection consists of pouffes, bolster cushions, plush dolls and pouches…etc. I personally really like the pouffes! They are made of soft microfiber fabric and filled with fine powder beads. A fun item to have to brighten up your room!

★ We are currently looking for buyers, distributors or stockists. For enquiries, kindly email us at store(at)polkaros.com.


JOSE Pouch

BOY Pouch
Pictures by polkaros.

These are our new gleePEEPS pouches. Pictures you see above of Jose and Boy were taken at our photo shoot this week. Despite the cloudy and gloomy weather, the pictures turned out pretty well. Just a little bit more editing and our Spring 2011 catalogue will be ready to go! More pictures coming up soon!

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Hobo slippers


I’ll still love them no matter what happens…


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