portable glee photoshoot


These are the final cuts of the ‘portable glee’ blankets that were selected for our AW10 catalogue. Special thanks to Accent design team and our model Kumiko for making it a successful photo shoot!

Here’s an old post on portable glee if you haven’t read it yet….

First Pets on the moon

This season, Gleepets is off to space and has landed on the moon!




Gleepets is a series of animal cushions that was launched 2 years ago in Japan and this is the latest fabric design for our Autumn & Winter collection 2010.



The fabric design comes in 2 color variations. Items include blankets and pillow & duvet cover. Currently available in Loft and Accent Style. You can also check out Accent style’s online store here.

In stores now



Marine Gleepets started selling in Japan this summer and it is a pleasant surprise for me to find them in major stores like Loft and Tokyu Hands. Stores like these are usually very strict when it comes to product selection and I am glad that we finally made it after 2 years of trying to create consumer-friendly household products for the local market. Hope we would be hanging around for a while…

AW10 catalogue



my lovely models – kumiko and niko

We had our AW10 catalogue photo shoot 2 weeks ago. The dynamics have changed pretty much as we have new members in the design/product development team. Every designer has their unique style and I think this would be one of the more interesting catalogues we’ve done so far. Also, for those of us who have been doing it for a few seasons now, the experience really plays a huge part in making a good clean & simple composition.

The shoot was done in Wall by Studio Ease, located at Tsunashima. It is a really nice studio but it was quite challenging trying to fit our colorful products into the rustic set up. We had to rent props to spice up our scenes. Going to prop rental stores is one of the highlights for me as you can find almost anything there and they all look photogenic. Things like these:



This season, I have payed more attention to the styling of clothes to compliment my Glee products. As for the glee blankets sets seen above, I have chosen bold patterns in black and white to bring out the vibrant colors of the products. Glad my eley kishimoto sneakers came into good use! Will be posting more pictures of the photo shoot soon! stay tuned!

Wall stickers

Marine gleepets wall stickers are available in stores now and this is how the stairway outside our Daikanyama store looks like at the moment. Summer is approaching and it’d be fun to decorate your walls with these Marine gleepets from the circus!



Last month, we exhibited at the Hong Kong gifts & premium fair. It was our second time exhibiting in Hong Kong and the the response was pretty good. We had many enquiries from Europe, United states and Asia. It was tiring standing for 8 hrs a day and 4 days in a row but it was all worth it as the feedbacks from the customers were really encouraging. Some of the more popular products from the ‘Gleepets’ collection were the blanket set, kira kira croco and the bean bag chairs. One hour before the exhibition ended, we started selling our samples and the crowd went crazy! People were all over our booth and fighting for the products as we only had one piece of each item. It was like a bargain sale except that we were selling them at the actual retail price. The products were almost sold out within the first 10 mins.

先月香港のHong Kong gifts & premium fairっていう展示会に展示しに行ってきました。香港に展示するのは2回目です。今回は結構好評でした!色んな国(ヨーロッパ、アメリカ、アジアなど)の方からお問い合わせをいただきました。4日間連続で毎日8時間ほどずっと立ってて、ちょっと大変だったけど、色んな人と話したり、意見を聞いたりして、とても面白くていい勉強になりました。今回の展示会で、グリーペッツの中に人気あった商品は、ブランケットセットとキラキラクロコくんとビーズチェアさんでした。最終日に展示品を売ることになって、閉場時間より一時間前から売り始めましたが、スタートした瞬間に大勢の客がブースにが詰め掛けました。通常販売価格だったのに、セール見たいにたくさん買っていただきました。10分後にほとんどの商品が完売になりました。本当に良かったです!

gleepets cushions

gleepets bedroom series – pillow and comforter case

sheep blanket set

kira kira croco

last hour sale


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