Back in Town


Greetings peeps!

Sorry for the long gap without any new posts. After many weeks away I’m finally back in Tokyo.

I was lucky enough to take some much needed time off to visit friends and family in Singapore, and do a little traveling in Europe. After being enchanted by Paris I headed to the always lovely Copenhagen, and ended the trip in beautiful Berlin.

Few things inspire, enlighten or rouse new curiosities more than travel. By transporting yourself to a new environment you learn to appreciate things you took for granted at home, while simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of the world around you and challenging your notions of “the way things are.” By opening ourselves to new experiences and exposing eyes and ears to fresh sights and sounds we are rewarded with invigorating bursts of new inspiration that allow us to reset, rethink and recreate.

So stay tuned, over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of posts recounting my travels and introducing some of the wonderful spots I visited.


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