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Shum shui po

I have talked about Sham Shui Po several times on my blog now but I just can’t resist sharing these pictures from my last visit. For those new to Sham Shui Po, it is an area in Hong Kong well-know for being a wholesale textile and craft supplies center. To get to the craft shops, simply take a train to Sham Shui Po Station and get out from A2 exit. You will be greeted with a massive chaos of people going in all directions and a stretch of bustling street stalls selling electronics, but do not be overwhelmed. Stay focused and walk straight until you hit the next adjacent street. Look out for ‘Yu Chau Sreet’ and ‘Ki Lung Street’. You will know once you are on the right street as it will feel somewhat like you’ve entered ‘craft supplies heaven’.

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Once you start seeing fabric swatches displayed everywhere, you know that you have entered the wholesale textile center. These swatches are usually free to take for those who are planning to order in bulk. I still think that this is such a clever way of working! All you have to do is select the swatches that you want and call them up, tell them the serial number and they can deliver the fabric to wherever you want. Most of the people get it sent to the factory where they will have their products made. It is a really convenient system. Make sure you have your business card with you if you are planning to collect some swatches as some shopkeepers may ask.

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Polkaros in La Belle Époque Hong Kong


We are happy to announce that our products are now available in La Belle Époque, a handmade zakka shop in Hong Kong. Special thanks to the very kind and supportive owner, Billie Ng for her interest in our products! It was so nice to finally meet her in person last week in Hong Kong. She gave us tour around the neighborhood and showed us their workshop space where they conduct classes such as silkscreening and felting.


You might recognize this shop from my post a few months back. La Belle Époque is one of the few handmade zakka shops in Hong Kong. I was really happy to hear that they had some visitors from Singapore who found out about their shop through my blog post! Yay! The shop is located in a very nice neighborhood in Tai Hang Causeway bay area with some great eateries, cafes and boutiques. Definitely a place you’d want to visit if you are in Hong Kong.

They were having a pop-up store by QTPI workshop when I visited last week and the shop was stocked with wallets, bags and collars in pretty fabrics all handmade by crafter Yen Yen Law. You can see more of her products on her etsy shop. I got myself a clutch bag made in circus print! Here are some pictures of the pop-up store:








Work trip


Sorry for my absence! I was away on a work trip to Hong Kong and China to review some samples last week. Unfortunately, I am back with some food poisoning and haven’t been able to do much. Hope to recover soon! Here are some pictures taken in Soho, Hong kong. Lots of cute alleys, small shops and nice cafes I’d like to check out someday…





La Belle Époque in Hong Kong






First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates and a big thank you to all who’ve dropped by to check on the blog! I’ve been back from Hong Kong for a while now but have been busy with the new website and online store preparation. I will be announcing the official launch this week! It’s finally happening!!!

Above are pictures taken from my last trip to Hong Kong. La Belle Époque is a cute little handcraft/zakka/accessories shop located in a very lovely and quiet neighborhood just 10 mins walk away from Causeway Bay. They have a wide range of handmade crafts by local and overseas artists. I was glad to finally see the awesome felt works from In the Wonderland by Koey. I’ve always liked her works and pictures. La Belle Époque must be one of the few zakka shops in Hong kong. Do check it out if you are visiting Hong Kong!

★ How to get to La Belle Époque in Hong Kong

Off to Hong Kong!

I’m leaving for Hong Kong to meet with the people at Clinique and the suppliers, to discuss Fall 13 Accessories for Asia Pacific. Will also be visiting the textile market, Sham Shui Po, again for new inspirations!

Above is a picture of ‘Lowe’ the lion plush doll that will be available in the Polkaros store soon. I have been doing some new product shots for my glee★zakka series. I will be announcing the opening date of my store very soon!

Have a great week everyone!

Colorful work trip

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po

Shum shui po



I am currently in Hong Kong for work and it has been a very colorful trip for me so far. Besides reviewing samples of the bags that I’ve designed recently, I’m also here to collect materials for the new season. Even though it was only 3 months ago that I’ve been to Shum Shui Po, I was excited to find some new materials this time. It was also a great experience traveling into China alone for the first time to visit factories and work closely with the sample makers.

The last 2 pictures above were taken in a sample room at one of the factories I’d visited. How nice would it be to have a sample room with all the materials ready in all colors for you to make a sample anytime you wanted. I guess with the wholesale supplies in Shum Shui Po, it is actually possible to stock up and create a sample room at home. That would probably be my big project for the coming new year!

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