A Look Back at Summer: Four Days in Paris


As summer was winding down I had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities — Paris. Paris delights it’s visitors with scenic views, cavernous art galleries and some of the finest cuisine that you will ever taste. I’ve been to Paris on business in the past, but this time was different. On this last trip to Paris I was able to really enjoy myself and take in everything that the city of lights has to offer.

I started my first morning in Paris with a breakfast buffet near Montmartre. Normally I do my best to avoid high calorie foods but it would have been a total waste to not gorge myself on the delicious buttery croissants, cheeses and hot chocolates served that morning. After eating my fill I climbed my way up the winding hills of Montmartre. This is the lovely neighborhood that Amélie was filmed, and it is just as beautiful in real life. As I strolled I came across numerous little shops offering interior items, paper products and knick knacks. Monmartre is also the home of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Over the next several days I got a chance to wander along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, view the city from the Eiffel Tower and take in the beauty of Norte Dame. These historic sites are amazing, but what is truly wonderful about Paris is its distinctive neighborhoods and districts that each offer their own unique take on the city.

One of my favorites is Le Marais. Le Marais and the surrounding area is packed with art galleries, cafes, vintage clothing and zakka shops galore. I could spend days here rummaging through the shops and wasting away my afternoons sipping espresso.

Nearby you will find the Centre Pompidou, which is home to the Musée National d’Art Moderne. With its postmodern architecture the Centre Pompidou stands out against the backdrop of Paris. I spent hours in the museum but it still wasn’t enough. Even if you don’t enter the centre there is a lot to see in the surrounding area. The open space outside if full of sculptures, murals and variety of street performers.

Here are some pictures and shop recommendations gathered from my trip:















Shop recommendations:
Merci concept store

Bonton super cute kid’s concept store

WOWO kid’s boutique

La Boule Rouge wholesale gift wrapping supply shop

Fleux interior shop

La Chaise Longue lifestyle shop

Home Autour Du Monde clothes and decorative objects store

Back in Town


Greetings peeps!

Sorry for the long gap without any new posts. After many weeks away I’m finally back in Tokyo.

I was lucky enough to take some much needed time off to visit friends and family in Singapore, and do a little traveling in Europe. After being enchanted by Paris I headed to the always lovely Copenhagen, and ended the trip in beautiful Berlin.

Few things inspire, enlighten or rouse new curiosities more than travel. By transporting yourself to a new environment you learn to appreciate things you took for granted at home, while simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of the world around you and challenging your notions of “the way things are.” By opening ourselves to new experiences and exposing eyes and ears to fresh sights and sounds we are rewarded with invigorating bursts of new inspiration that allow us to reset, rethink and recreate.

So stay tuned, over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of posts recounting my travels and introducing some of the wonderful spots I visited.

eiffel obsession





More pictures from my trip to Paris. My weakness for this lovely french icon has left me with a hundred shots of the subject. These pictures were taken with different art effects on my olympus PEN. I don’t usually like to post photos with different effects together but I couldn’t decide which picture best represented the beauty the tower. I guess one has to go there to truly experience the beauty.


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