This is my favorite notebook.


I have been using Puggy’s Best High Stationer Note Book for the past 8 years. I love it cause the pages has no lines and the paper texture is perfect for drawing. Doodling in this notebook is probably one of my favorite past times. Unfortunately, they have stopped producing them this year and I would buy up all the dead stock if given the chance.




2 years ago, I was lucky to have my doodles from this notebook printed onto fabric and made into glee‘s first series of eco-friendly shopping bags. It was quite a fun and exciting experience for me.









These bags reminds me of hardship but there are also lots of happy memories of time spent doing what I like!

I should probably start looking for a replacement notebook soon but nothing compares to Puggy’s Best!

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  1. i bought a puggy’s best while in japan last year and can’t wait to use it. when searching for it online, i found your site and was sad to hear they are no longer being made. have you found a replacement? i usually use moleskine and like it alright, though sometimes the pages are a bit thick for me. also, your designs are beautiful. congratulations on the tote bags. they look very nice.

    • Hi K! Thanks for the comment! I love the rough newsprint paper texture of puggy’s best notebook! So sad that it has been discontinued! No I haven’t really found a replacement! Moleskine is nice but I find the paper a bit too smooth…
      Glad you like the designs★

  2. hi I love this note book as well. I think you can still buy it here:

    though you don’t buy them all, spare a few for me to buy 😉

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