ikimononouta report

Finally got hold of these pictures from our ‘ikimononouta‘ group exhibition that was held in Lovelies Lab., Harajuku (23-29 April 2010). It was a pity I couldn’t be there myself but looking at the pictures, I am really happy with the way it turned out. This gallery doesn’t usually do shows like ours and I must applaud the fellow exhibitors for creating such a nice ambience for our works. One of the feedbacks I got was that my works were popular amongst kids as they were the only ones who dared to touch and play with them. All in all, we are really pleased with the outcome. A big THANK YOU to everyone for visiting!!

Ikimononouta consists of a group of illustrators/designers – fabrica, naomi, yuko, ayako and myself. After this exhibition, we’ve decided to carry on the ikimononouta spirt and continue working on projects as such together. Please check out our website for updates on upcoming events/projects. (Sorry it is only available in Japanese at the moment!)


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  1. wow… can i ask you to do a family of pets on our wall?

  2. Ros, it looks very nice!! (‘ u ‘)

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