ikimononouta report

Finally got hold of these pictures from our ‘ikimononouta‘ group exhibition that was held in Lovelies Lab., Harajuku (23-29 April 2010). It was a pity I couldn’t be there myself but looking at the pictures, I am really happy with the way it turned out. This gallery doesn’t usually do shows like ours and I must applaud the fellow exhibitors for creating such a nice ambience for our works. One of the feedbacks I got was that my works were popular amongst kids as they were the only ones who dared to touch and play with them. All in all, we are really pleased with the outcome. A big THANK YOU to everyone for visiting!!

Ikimononouta consists of a group of illustrators/designers – fabrica, naomi, yuko, ayako and myself. After this exhibition, we’ve decided to carry on the ikimononouta spirt and continue working on projects as such together. Please check out our website for updates on upcoming events/projects. (Sorry it is only available in Japanese at the moment!)


‘somewhere in my heart there is a star that shines for you.’

A big thanks to those who visited our Ikimononouta group exhibition. These are some of the works that I’ve exhibited. I don’t have pictures of the actual exhibition cause I was not there myself! and takejima have flown off for a tropical get away so I have to wait for them to come back to see the full exhibition in pictures. Anyway, this exhibition is based on the theme that all living things are somewhat connected and share something in common that is intangible. well at least this is how I interpreted it. I guess all the other exhibitors had totally different interpretations and it is interesting to see everyone’s works.

For this exhibition, I wanted to create a space as if you have entered a room of an eccentric science fanatic who has been collecting specimens to learn more about the world. There is a display of anatomies of different living things and some photo frames of past memories. The one observation made is that there is a unique spark in the beating heart of every living thing that shines so bright it lids up the room. That is what makes each form of life so important and if we were to lose anyone of it, the world will become darker place.

I remember Sir David Attenborough saying in one of the interviews regarding global warming that the extinction of a species will not have an immediate effect on us but the removal of that species from our ecosystem will cause great damage to the ecosystem and our planet and that would in return affect us. In that note, we hope that this exhibition has raised some form of awareness/interest in this topic.


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