Silkscreen weekend

I ♥Tshirt-kun!


Made a 2 color silkscreen print fabric with my tshirt-kun for the first time. This is the first test print. I think I will need some practice to perfect the alignment. This print was originally designed for the festive season but hopefully by changing the color combination, I’d be able to use them all year round. Silkscreening is so fun!
This was how I did it:

1. Place silk in between frames and tighten with screws


2. Paste drawing on silkscreen

3. Place silkscreen inside Tshirt-kun exposure machine

4. Set timer/expose screen

5. Screen is ready

6. Brush silkscreen with water

7. Leave to dry completely

8. Start printing



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  1. so nice! made me regret not getting it!

  2. yea I think you can make many nice things with it!

  3. Hi!
    Nice print… cool maschine you got there.. where do you get it?

  4. OMG!!!!!!!! this pattern is incredibly beautyful, very well done. colour combination is perfect.
    thanks to the fab silkscreen machine ^^

  5. I can’t believe there’s an actual machine! I silkscreened some christmas cards this year and did it the long way (using photo emulsion). This is seriously kick-ass! Japan does have the best things.

    Happy new year to you!

    • Hi melly! Happy new year! I used to make silkscreens the hard way too.. with wooden frames and emulsions. I was really impressed when I got this machine 2 years back. They have made silkscreening so easy! Very clever product!

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