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Marine gleepets wall stickers are available in stores now and this is how the stairway outside our Daikanyama store looks like at the moment. Summer is approaching and it’d be fun to decorate your walls with these Marine gleepets from the circus!


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  1. NICE!!!!!!

  2. too cute! can we buy them online?

    • Hi mylene! Thanks! We have an online store but I think we don’t ship out of japan at the moment.. will let you know when we do or maybe I can get it for you!

  3. wowee! no hurry for now! we are getting the keys to the flat in august! i hope you won’t run out of stock tho! gahh.. nice! big pat on the back! gleepets are mucho cuties! i can just imagine doing the hse based on the colour palette loh. hee

  4. Jessica Allen

    very informative article and I love the design’s, bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx
    Love it xx

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