Zine Review : Japon by Polkaros

A little zine inspired by Traditional Japanese Crafts.

Kokeshi Dolls こけし


Inu-Hariko いぬはりこ


Make your own Okame face mask!

Koinobori こいのぼり

Daruma だるま

Omocha おもちゃ

Introducing the first Polkaros zine! This is what I’ve made for the MCA Zine Fair 2011 that is coming up in Sydney this Sunday. I’ve always been inspired by the colors, motifs and patterns of Traditional Japanese Crafts and thought this would be a good way to share them with everyone.

In this 28-page zine, you’d see illustrations and photographs of Traditional Japanese Crafts such as the Kokeshi doll, Inu-Hariko(papier-mâché dog), Koinobori and Japanese patterns. There are also notes on the background information of each of these items written/translated by me. I hope this can be your new guide to Traditional Japanese Crafts!

This zine will be available at the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Table booth at the MCA Zine Fair on 22 May 2011. Special thanks to Ebony from Hello Sandwich once again and to Beatrice who will be helping us mind the booth. My friend, Sabrina, will be going down to help as well! Thanks Sabbie!

Please check out the event if you are in Sydney!

Note: I currently have limited copies of this as they were painstakingly handmade with stitch binding. I might get them made at a printer later if the response is good. Please leave me a comment if you are interested in getting a copy!

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  1. It looks great! I would love a copy and also to sell it in my zine shop if you get it printed 🙂

    • Hi Marceline! Wow, thanks for your comment and interest in selling them at your shop!! Will let you know when I get them printed!!

  2. Hi

    I´m interested in thiz pretty zine too! tell us if this is avaialable for sale online and overseas 🙂

    • Hello Erandi, happy to know that you’d like a copy too! Thank you!! I knew about your blog and shop through Lazy Jane! Love those flats!

      Hi Lina! Thanks! You were the first who said you wanted a copy! I will try to make it affordable!

      Hi Amalie! Thanks for the comment! Yes! I will email you when I get them printed!!

      Bonjour Johanna! Glad you like it! Ok, I will keep a copy especially for you! Thanks!

      HL HL HL! I thought I told you about it at some point? Wow, it’s so nice that you want to buy a copy as well!! THANK YOU!:D

      Hello Ligaya, thank you for the encouraging comment! Will let you know when it’s available online!

      Hi Prudence, thanks for your interest in the zine! Seems like I will be getting them printed!

      Hello Karen! Thank you!! Will update you when it is up!!

      Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! Means a lot to me!!

  3. hello again! i am interesting in getting a copy if i can afford it! : ) thanks for considering getting it printed!

  4. Yes, yes, i’d love to buy a copy! You have my email, let me know when and if it’ll be possible!

  5. I love it and like I told you I would to have a copy !
    Congratulations, one more. I think it’s going to be a real succes during the Fair!


  6. OMGGG u have a zine and didn’t even tell me about it!! I wanna buy one too 😀

  7. Ohh, I would love to buy a copy! It looks wonderful! 😀

  8. Put me down for one! It’s beautiful!

  9. Yes! I’m interested too! It looks so beautiful!

  10. I love this! とても かわいい! I want it, want it! (o^_^o)/ ♥

  11. Hi Ros!
    Happy new year!
    Just hung around your blog(cos I’ve done my work today!! so wanna go home!!) and always your stuff make me smile!

    Your stuff is so You! haha

    hope you and A being good! and see you all soon!

    Have a nice Friday!!

    • Thanks for dropping by Minki! Glad you my works make you smile! Hope the new year has been good for you so far! Let’s hang out soon! Oh I will try to visit your exhibition! GOOD LUCK!

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