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Polkaros is a lifestyle brand that combines influences from Japanese traditional crafts with modern zakka goods. We value the process of developing products with our hands and paying attention to details. We hope that Polkaros products can bring colors, joy and playfulness in your daily life.  







Ros Lee is a Tokyo-based, Singapore-born design consultant of New York-based brand and artist with a passion for creating everyday objects with a colorful, humorous twist.

From an early age, Ros was fascinated by art and design, and has a special penchant for pottery, and picked up the first skills from her own father. Her family ran a Clayart business, so after school and weekend activity included playing with clay and the wheel, making pottery in all shapes and forms, coloring them in any colors that she dreamt of. Formally trained in Graphic Design, Ros launched “Clayworkers”, a modern day pottery studio straight after graduation. The studio aimed at making the art form more accessible to young people, Ros enjoyed defining the concept, the Corporate ID, the decor and the music of the studio. Ros's love for Art propelled her to seek out opportunities to showcase her art wherever it takes her, and in 2002 traveled to Tokyo to take part in Design Festa, fell in love with the city, and set her mind to make it her base camp.

2005 was the first big break in Ros's career as an artist when she was selected amongst thousands of budding artists in a National Arts Council Takashimaya Scholarship Program to study Art and Design in Japan.

Without a doubt, Ros packed her bags and headed for the land of the rising sun, without speaking of word of Japanese. After a challenging first year of intensive course in Japanese, Ros enrolled in Joshibi Universitiy of Art and Design in 2006 where she majored in textile design. As a student she kept active in the art community, participating in gallery showings in Tokyo, doing side projects that kept her creative juices flowing.

Upon completion of her degree, she landed a job as a Lifestyle Product Designer at Accent Corporation, an interior goods and lifestyle product company in Tokyo. She created her own line of products under the brand name GLEE, which as its name suggests, was to delight and bring joy to its users.

Ros decided to strike out on her own and in 2011 she began working as a Design Consultant for International brands and officially launched her own brand "Polkaros".

Update : Ros has relocated back to Singapore. Ever since her return, she has been busy with pop ups and exhibitions in Singapore. She has also collaborated with brands such as Uniqlo, Swatch and Guerlain. Besides working on Polkaros projects, she is also an adjunct lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts and run regular creative workshops under 'Polkaros Craft Club'. 



幼少期からアートやデザインに魅了されたロスは陶芸に特別な興味を抱き、最初の陶芸のスキルを実父より学びました。実家がクレイアートの会社を経営していたため、放課後や週末に粘度やろくろで遊ぶことは彼女にとって自然なことであり、頭の中で描く好きな形や色を陶芸作品に反映して楽しんでいました。Temasek Polytechnic School of Designにてグラフィックデザインを習得したロスは、卒業後すぐにあたらしいタイプの陶芸スタジオ「Clayworkers」をオープン。若い人たちにとってのアートをより身近なものにすることを目的にしたスタジオを運営する中、スタジオのコンセプトやCIを明確にすることや、空間演出を考えることなどを経験しました。



女子美術大学を卒業後、都内のインテリアやライフスタイル雑貨を扱うACCENT CORPORATIONにプロダクトデザイナーとして就職。GLEEという名の自身のオリジナルブランドのもと、「歓喜」という意味のあるブランドネームが示す通り、消費者に喜びや楽しみを与えるプロダクトラインを考案しました。